5 Advantages Of Being An Unknown Author

Shelby Sullivan
5 min readMay 22
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It’s easy to feel discouraged when your writing goes unnoticed, but think of all the advantages of your anonymity. Being an unknown author gives you a unique opportunity to surprise and genuinely connect with readers — even if your readership is very small.

Remember, even famous authors started out unknown. They kept going, and so should you!

Here are 5 advantages to being a total unknown:

Advantage 1: Room for Mistakes

Mistakes hold immense value as they contribute to your growth as a writer. As an unknown author, you have the wonderful advantage of space and freedom to make these mistakes, reflect upon them, and learn from them.

Without pressure from a large audience, you can wholeheartedly focus on honing your writing abilities and uncovering what works best for you! You can fail 100 times without anyone ever knowing at the beginning, and that’s so important.

When I first started on Medium, I wrote a lot of ideas and articles down that nobody wanted to read — nobody wants to read them now. But the beauty of that was learning what went viral, what people did want to read, and then learning how to keep giving my new readers content that inspired them.

Embrace the exploration of various genres, themes, and ideas, allowing yourself to adapt your writing style as you see fit. As an unknown author, there are no expectations or pressures!

This liberating flexibility paves the way for continuous learning, self-exploration, and the delightful opportunity to push the boundaries of your writing.

Advantage 2: Self-Discovery

One of the great benefits of being an unknown author is the opportunity for self-discovery. It’s a chance to embark on a journey of personal exploration and determine your true interest and commitment to publishing your work.



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