I Think Everyone at the Gym is Sexy

In a totally non-sexual way.

Shelby Sullivan


There’s something about being “in it” together that is so sexy when your heart rate is pushing 150 on the elliptical mid-Tuesday-afternoon.

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On April 11th I was in a fatal car accident with two of my best friends. As one of the two of us that survived, I fractured my pelvis in three places and broke my cheekbone. I had a painful (and disorienting) concussion, a lacerated spleen and liver, and was unable to walk due to the trauma the muscles that hug my pelvis went through.

On April 12th, it felt like I would never run — or even walk — again.

Before the crash I liked to jog with my dog, Sage, three miles every other day or so at 3:00pm. Then I would come home, shower, and cook dinner for myself and sometimes for my roommates (now fewer of us). About six months before the crash, I fell off that jogging wagon.

It was with a desire to lose six months of laziness weight that I was just starting to slowly rejoin the world of health and fitness. Then the car accident took my mobility away. Worse than that, it took away a lot of motivation.

What was the point of most anything with a best friend gone? Why keep fighting for fitness, for health, when it could all be gone in an instant? You know that argument many people tell themselves, “You only live once, might as well eat cake?” Well, it was scratching at the surface of my skin every time I nibbled anything. And I ate a lot of sugar in that sickbed.

Then June rolled around and I was walking around the house. Then in August I was walking the dog. By September I wasn’t just walking well, but with strength in my muscles I never thought would come back.

And sure, the pain was still there — hip pain like of that of an 80-year-old woman in a 27-year-old body. But I didn’t want it to continue to keep me from that three-mile goal.

Sitting at home or walking the dog a little every day was not cutting it for me anymore. I was ready for more, and when one of my remaining roommates asked me if I felt I was ready to join him at the gym, I finally said yes.

Starting the gym after a traumatic event is not like starting on January 2nd.



Shelby Sullivan

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